Do This When Giving Advice and Reprimand to Children

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Parental patience
is often tested with children’s attitudes and behaviors that are out of bounds.
When this happens, Moms and Dads need to correct your child’s behavior by
giving advice and reprimand to your little one. Advice and reprimand do not
mean having to be fierce, loud, and so on, but reprimand and advice can be one
way to direct children’s behavior to be better, if accompanied by effective

When advising your
little one, Moms and Dads also need to be careful. Do not let the reprimand
given make your child depressed to damage the relationship between children and
their parents. The following are some things that Moms and Dads need to pay
attention to when giving a rebuke to a child.

Don’t do it in a public place

Have Moms and Dads
seen children being scolded by their parents in public places? Instead of being
calm, children who are scolded in public places will cry more hysterically.
When your child makes a mistake in a public place, you should take him to a
quieter place. Then, invite your child to talk and talk if the things he does
are bad.

By taking him to a
quieter place, your little one won’t do “drama” to attract people’s
attention. Your little one will also focus on listening to what Moms and Dads

Not just so that
children do not cry in public places, reprimanding children in public places
will lower their self-esteem, as a result the child will feel humiliated and
self-confidence can be destroyed. Child and parent relations can be damaged by

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Take Time Out

When Moms and Dads
feel very emotional, it doesn’t hurt to take time out for a while before
talking to children. Leave the child to the closest person for a few minutes
and step aside to calm down. Cool the mind of Moms and Dads so they don’t say
painful words to children when reprimanding. After feeling more calm, try
talking to your child calmly. Keep the voice intonation not elevated to avoid a
bigger problem.

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