This Is The Type Of Child Care Patterns And Full Explanation!

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Do you know Moms
and Dads, that there are many ways of parenting carried out by other parents?
Maybe Moms and Dads see if the parenting style used by other people is
different or not in the usual way Moms and Dads do to the little one. The pattern
of parenting by each parent is indeed different. In order for Moms and Dads to
know and determine the appropriate way of parenting, find out the following 6
types of parenting!


The first way to
care for children is an authoritarian pattern. As the name implies, this
pattern of parenting is indeed hard and rigid. Parents often force children to
comply with various rules that are made. If the child is not obedient, then
there will be a punishment he receives. On the one hand, this upbringing can
indeed make children become more independent and disciplined. However, on the
other hand large children with this method of care are usually unhappy,
depressed, and often have a warm relationship with their parents.


In contrast to
authoritarian parenting, in parenting democratic children, parents tend to give
children the freedom to express their opinions. In this way of nurturing
children, parents remain firm in teaching various rules. The difference is, the
child will be given an explanation of why he must obey the regulation. If the
child does not agree with the rules made, the child can also give a suggestion
and discuss to find a solution. This pattern of parenting makes children more
courageous to express their opinions in public. In addition, children will also
be more open to accepting differences in their environment.

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Temporizer is an
inconsistent way of parenting. Parents with this parenting pattern can make
children confused because of changing rules. Parents with this pattern of
regulation can usually be soft on one occasion when a child makes a mistake,
but on another occasion can also be very hard when the child makes the same
mistake. With this pattern of nurturing, children will be carried away by their
parents’ inconsistency. As a result, children have difficulty understanding
whether their actions are desirable or not, so they become increasingly

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