How To Educate Children About Diversity In Order To Be Tolerant Later

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Many things can be
done to prevent a fight between your child and his friend. Not only useful in
the present, it will certainly be useful in the future. Introducing diversity
from an early age is one of the main keys to educating your child in the

Not only because
your little one is an ‘image’ of his parents, but this is all for the sake of
healthy growth and development for him. No need to be confused about how to get
started. Without realizing it, it turns out that these 4 simple things can
teach your child to know diversity and difference.

1. Invite children to accompany shopping so they can see
the atmosphere of the shop

Crowd outside the
home will show a simple concept of diversity for children. Not only seeing
grandparents whose hair is white, they will surely observe other friends of
their age. Hair color, skin, and many other things are certainly different.
They will start recording it in their head, that diversity is normal.

2. Memorizing the name of the place on the way home, of
course very pleasant

After traveling
with them, occasionally try to show places that are related to diversity. You
can tell them to turn to the right or left side to see a building called a
mosque or church. Give special features that are easy for them to remember.

3. Read story books with pictures of different characters

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Many fable stories
are quite interesting and make it easy for you to introduce diversity. No need
to hesitate to choose a book, you can search for stories with characters of
fish, monkeys, ants, and other animals. Show them that the color of the fish is
not just one. This will be very useful for them later.

Do the simple things above. Later, when they are
adults, they will not be children who always laugh at their friends just
because they have slanted eyes or hair that is not straight. Come on, teach the
value of tolerance early on!

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