Protect And Avoid Children From Drug Snares

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Not once, we hear
artists intentionally using drugs for reasons to strengthen their stamina. Yes,
these prohibited items are believed to make the body more energetic, so many
use it for body doping.

Quoting the
explanation of Medical News Today, methamphetamine or methamphetamine is a
highly addictive psychotimulant drug with side effects that trigger very strong
addiction, similar to cocaine. The reaction will increase levels of dopamine
and neropinephrine which occur naturally in the brain.

methamphetamine or methamphetamine causes dangerous addiction. This type of
drug is neurotoxic and can damage dopamine neurons and brain serotonin.
Although it is recognized, it can increase concentration, and reduce fatigue.

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But, if used for a
long time with high frequency, it will cause users to have the tendency to have
sexual relations without safeguards and trigger violent behavior. Because,
studies show that methamphetamine can cause structural and functional changes
in the brain associated with emotions and memory. Over time the use will lose
emotional control.

We certainly don’t
want that to happen to our children right, Bun? As parents we must also be
vigilant so that children are not caught in drugs, such as methamphetamine. The
family is an important foundation that fortifies children from society who are
vulnerable to offering drugs.

First, to prevent
drug abuse begins with parents who must actively talk with children about the
dangers. Whereas according to the review of Healthy Children, then it can
continue to the programs offered by schools with a variety of positive

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Parents are
considered to have an important role not to use tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.
After that, invite children to talk and listen to their stories about friends
and their social environment outside the home.

Finally, emphasize to them that the Father and Mother
really forbid and will be angry at the child if they try. So that they are
aware of the consequences of the things they will do outside the home.

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