How to Recognize and Understand Children’s Personality

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Personality is the
innate nature that God gave to humans since they were born. The personality
also called personality in English is divided into 4 types, namely koleris,
sanguin, plegmatis and melancholy. Every person is born with a unique
personality that has its own shortcomings and strengths.

Sanguin is always
fiery in starting new things. But, if they work in a monotonous pattern, the
spirit will easily wear off. Cholers love to talk bluntly and don’t care about
the feelings of others. On the other hand, they can organize and organize teams
well. Then, is the personality and character different?

Yes. Personality is
the innate nature that we can directly from God. Meanwhile, character is our
effort to improve a bad personality. For example, the melancholic type likes
not to be like other people. They want to say ‘NO’, but for fear of hurting
other feelings, melancholy often sacrifices itself. Melancholy knows if it’s too
good for someone else it’s not a good thing. They can be hurt, only used or
sought when other people need it. Because the attitude of not getting along
with other people is excessive is a melancholy weakness, so he tries to fix it.
By means of being more courageous in being assertive and determining which ones
are entitled to be prioritized. Self or other people’s interests.The ability to
overcome personality weaknesses is what is called character. So, don’t mix
between personality and character.

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Knowing Children’s Personality

You know children
who are adaptable and dare to greet neighbors. But, your own child is quiet,
timid and takes a long time to be comfortable with the new environment. You see
a husband who has difficulty controlling emotions and is easily angry. You are
someone who is patient, open. This is what we often think of as a personality
that describes a person’s nature.

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