Get to Know About Coloring Activities

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Coloring is
literally applying color or paint to an image. Coloring is a skill that is
loved by children. And so far, it has become a medium for them to allow any
imagination and inspiration about anything that may have been touched or
experienced. Thus, it is not surprising that many parents, always try to
provide stimulation for their children to color from an early. Children really
like to give color through a variety of media both when drawing or putting
color when filling areas of the picture that must be colored.

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Based on the statement,
coloring activities are fun activities for children. The fun referred to here
lies in the process of choosing the colors used to color blank image fields.
This is in accordance with the opinion of Sumanto (2005: 65) that creativity
that can be developed in coloring activities for kindergarten children is the
freedom to choose and combine the elements of color on the colored objects
according to the wishes of children.

Skills are obtained
from the child’s ability to process the hands that are done repeatedly so that
the longer the child can control and direct as desired. Neatness seen from how
the child gives color to the places that have been determined the longer the
child will be more skilled to scratch the coloring media because it is used.
Patience is obtained through the activity of choosing and determining the right
composition according to his opinion how many colors are used to determine the
color composition. Efforts made continuously will train the patience of

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Based on the
opinions expressed above, it can be concluded that coloring is applying color
or paint to an image. Coloring activities are activities that are very suitable
to be applied for kindergarten age children, because coloring is a fun
activity. In addition, through coloring activities can practice skills proven
by the results of coloring children who do not get out of line, neatness that
is proven by the results of clean coloring, and patience is proven by a patient
child when coloring a picture and expressing his desire to give or make color
to the object using images dyes and tools used for coloring, for example, using
banana fronds, papaya leaf midribs and cotton buds.

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