Started Learning to Color since Early Childhood

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Coloring, of
course, has its own technique in holding colored pencils or crayons. Teaching
children to color must be careful and more patient. First you have to teach you
how to hold colored pencils so the coloring results look nice and neat.
However, do not immediately scold the child if he is not neat in coloring
because this is natural. Teach slowly because the results will also get better.
Mothers should be more patient. Don’t be too hasty because it will have a bad
impact on the results.

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Start with a simple coloring picture

When you first
teach children to color, you should not choose complicated pictures.
Complicated types of images often make it difficult for children to add color.
Especially if they are still in the early stages of learning to color. We
recommend that you teach children to color simple images such as cars, houses,
mountains and other easy pictures. A simple drawing or one they like will make
them more enthusiastic in drawing.

Teach Children to Mix Colors

If the child has
started neatly coloring, try to introduce mixed colors. Every child will surely
like new things like knowing new colors, one of which is a mixed color. Mixed
colors produced from crayons or colored pencils will be easier to teach to

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Teach Coloring Pictures That Are Similar To Their
Favorite Objects

If the child finds
it difficult when drawing, you should teach him to color the objects he likes
the most. Children usually will really like their favorite objects, as well as
coloring, of course they will be interested in objects such as cars, robots and
other favorite objects.

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Don’t force your child when you lose your mood

Children are indeed still very unstable so they will
not like it if they are too forced. This will also be experienced when
coloring. Mothers should not force children when they are getting tired of
coloring. Give a short break, let the mood for coloring reappear. Don’t force
children who don’t want to color because it will affect the results. It’s best
to pause for a moment and start again.

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