Is Cold Rice Really Good for People with Diabetes?

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Image by Mamoru Masumoto from Pixabay

especially type 2
diabetes, there is a disruption in the performance of the hormone insulin which
functions to help blood sugar enter the cells to be converted into energy.
Disorders of this hormone will cause sugar to accumulate in the blood, so the
levels increase.

Resistant starch in
cold white rice can improve insulin performance in fat tissue. Resistant starch
that is difficult to digest in the small intestine will enter the large
intestine and be converted to fatty acids, especially propionic acid, with the
help of good bacteria in the small intestine. Propionic acid is what will
improve the performance of the hormone insulin in fat tissue, so that blood
sugar levels can be controlled.

3. Lowering cholesterol levels in the body

Several studies
have shown that consuming resistant starch, such as that found in cold white
rice, can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. However, this
claim still needs to be further investigated, because so far, the effect has
only been seen in laboratory animals.

4. Acts as a prebiotic

Resistant starch in
cold white rice will enter the large intestine and act as a prebiotic.
Prebiotics are formed from nutrients that cannot be digested and function as
food for good bacteria in the large intestine. These good bacteria will protect
the body from bad bacteria and fungi that can cause infections, and also play a
role in suppressing the inflammatory process.

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