Ways of transmitting corona viruses

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Corona pandemic has increasingly troubled the public, especially in Indonesia. The spread process is even easier and even undetected, making special attention.

Image by K. Kliche from Pixabay

Both the government and WHO as a world health organization have given many appeals to anticipate the spread of the covid19 virus. This appeal was conveyed because more and more factors cause the massive transmission of this corona from human to human which is often accidentally done.

The following are some common ways of transmitting the Covid-19 corona virus as follows:

  1. Contact with objects that are often touched

Objects are a medium that can be a massive mode of transmission. Because, according to research, the COVID-19 corona virus can survive up to three days by sticking to the surface of objects.

These objects are allegedly objects that are often touched by members of the body such as the hands that carry the corona covid-19 virus.

By sticking the virus on the surface of objects that are often touched, the virus can automatically move and find new hosts when others touch the object.

  1. Do not wash your hands after traveling

The second way that is effective as a medium for transmitting the COVID-19 virus is not to maintain hand hygiene. It is well known and medically proven that the hand is the source of various diseases.

Because, the hand is a member of the body that does the most activities and interacts with other people or objects around them. With hands that are not kept clean, the COVID-19 corona virus can easily spread.

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Because, humans will always interact with the outside world using their hands. Always keep your hands clean so that your hands do not become one of the transmission media of the COVID-19 corona virus.

Wash your hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer before and after eating, before and after urinating, and after activities.

Activity is a natural thing to do by humans. However, unconscious transmission of the corona virus COVID-19 is often carried out by people who carry out activities in certain places.

Of course, if the place has a COVID-19 corona virus, then the virus can stick to the clothes and objects that you use. So that the COVID-19 corona virus can be transmitted to the people closest to you at home.

To prevent this, always maintain personal hygiene after traveling. Wash clothes and wipe the body dry after traveling.

  1. Not Implementing the Cough and Sneezing Ethics

Reported by Liputan6, the most common method of transmission of the corona virus COVID-19 is through droplets. Droplets can occur when someone leaves fluid when sneezing, coughing, or talking on the floor.

Liquids that contain viruses, germs, and bacteria can then stick to objects carried by other people. Thus, the COVID-19 corona virus gets a new host in others.

Therefore, it is important and it is the duty of every individual in the midst of the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic to apply the ethics of coughing and sneezing well.

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Cough and sneezing ethics can be done by closing the mouth and nose using the inside of the elbow or clean tissue. When using tissue, throw the tissue in the trash then wash your hands with soap thoroughly.

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