Why Does Colouring Page Important for Children?

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Drawing and coloring are the most enjoyable activities for children. Through this drawing activity, they are able to pour out all the imagination in their heads. The images produced by them can show the level of creativity and mood of each child.

Some parents are very concerned about the development of their children’s creativity. Therefore, parents will usually include their children for drawing or painting courses at an early age. This is done, because the younger the child is, the easier the child will be directed towards his potential and talent. In addition, this coloring activity has become a part of a child’s life. Not just an activity to fill the time. But also as a child’s self-actualization in the arts. It should also be noted, that coloring activities are very beneficial for children, including.

1. Being a media expression

Like adults,
coloring activities in empty fields are a way for children to express their feelings.
Through the picture he made, he would see what he felt, whether he was happy or

2. Helps recognize color differences

children with their coloring activities with crayons and colored pencils at an
early age can help to recognize colors. That way they can distinguish between
one color and another. This can also make it easier to mix and blend colors.
This ability will certainly help children make their creations as they age.

3. Color is a therapeutic medium

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Color can be said
as a therapeutic medium for many people. Often colors are used for global
language in reading someone’s emotions. A child giving the color of the sun
with dark or gray colors could indicate his anger at that time. In addition, a
child who carries color can express their nature, for example, coloring by
carving out lines in the picture that show that the child has a tendency to
have a regular lifestyle. Apart from that, color is also a therapeutic tool to
relieve stress in children after a day of tired activities.

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